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What are the top companies in Iran ready for potential investment? "Directory of Iran Investment Opportunities" exclusively published by PersiaBeat.com, provides details of Iranian businesses attractive for foreign investment.

Top Iranian businesses in different fields like business setup, recruitment, legal, public relations, marketing, investment services and market research are listed in this directory. We only list the best firms in each category and none of the firms pay us to be listed in our directory.

We have also included some must-see government agencies in this directory, (the likes of Central Bank of Iran and Iran Customs Administration), which have excellent resources on investment in Iran.


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At PersiaBeat.com we provide foreign companies with information on investment in Iran. PersiaBeat.com is a vital source for foreign firms that need information on top Iran businesses in order to invest and conduct business with one of the last major emerging markets opening up to global businesses.

Our "Directory of Iran Investment Opportunities" is a top source for companies that are looking for investment opportunities in Iran.

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