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Europe Iran Forum 2017
03-Oct-2017 to 04-Sep-2017
The Dolder Grand Hotel, Zurich

The annual gathering for business, government, and civil society leaders committed to Iran's responsible and robust economic development.

The Europe-Iran Forum has been a milestone event in the course of Iran’s economic opening, establishing itself as an annual event of particular influence and foresight. EIF1, held in 2014, saw the first international business conference with a post-sanctions focus. EIF2, held in 2015, saw the largest ever Iran business conference. EIF3, held in 2016, was the first business conference to bring American and European policymakers into direct dialogue with Iranian business leaders.

To be held in October 2017, EIF4 will help launch the “second phase” of Iran’s post-sanctions growth and development. Iran’s global business partners will have a period of domestic political stability during which the efforts for economic reform and liberalization will find a new momentum. But at the same time, new political risks in the United States and Europe will need to be managed directly to ensure business can proceed as intended. Executives and investors will need to plan their next moves with even greater prudence and a focus on practical action.

Iran Automotive Industry International Conference 2016
29-Feb-2016 to 01-Mar-2016

The 3rd Iran Automotive Industry International Conference will be held on February 29 - March 1, 2016 when Iran's automotive industry is encountering special circumstances due to vast developments in international economic and industrial relations. Extensive customer demand for improving the quality of locally manufactured automobiles and unbelievable tendency of international companies for penetrating in Iran's automobile market, have definitely enhance the importance of organizing this significant event.

Localization and Supply Chain
Designing and Engineering
Production Cost and Productivity
Social Responsibility of Business Corporations through Emphasizing on Environmental Fields

International Cooperation

Regional Markets
Investment Opportunities in Supply Chain
Collaboration Models
Investor’s Expectations

Trends in Automotive Industry

Human Resource Development in Automotive Industries
New Technologies
Energy and Environment

Iran Petrochemical Forum 2015
13-Dec-2015 to 14-Dec-2015

The National Petrochemical Company (NPC) of Iran is pleased to announce that it will hold its 12th annual international Iran Petrochemical Forum (IPF) on December 13-14, 2015 in Tehran, Iran. The Forum, one of the world’s most prestigious events representing the petrochemical industry, will address the core issues that industry is facing.


1 Post–sanctions opportunities for investment in Iran’s petrochemical industry

2 How will the global economic trend affect the petrochemical industry

3 Investment climate in Iran

4 Impact of volatile energy prices on petrochemical industry

5 New technologies for GTP/GTO and oxidative coupling of methane (OCM)

6 Expansion of and investment in condensate – based integrated petro refineries

7 Competing feedstocks including ethane, naphtha, coal and shale gas in petrochemical industry

8 The impact of crude oil prices on ethylene and propylene prices

Iran Transportation & Urban Development Summit
02-Oct-2015 to 03-Oct-2015

ITUDS2015, will be held as the first serious and premier event in the areas of recognizing and introducing the existing investment opportunities in Iran’s Transportation, Housing and Urban Development industries, for attracting, organizing and leading the local and international investors, explaining the available rules and incentives, convergence of involved national and international transportation, housing and urban development organizations and bodies and also aligning the existing local conditions within the context of international investment, in Iran’s important infrastructure industry.


Presenting the high-priority and selected projects as investment opportunities in partnership with Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, temporarily or permanently (Financing, RLT, BOT and etc.)

Presenting the collaboration approaches, rules and regulations, governing the public and private sector’s participation

The possibilities for Iran’s private sector to participate in projects

Providing a participation road map for each project

Presenting investment opportunities packages in Iran’s transportation, housing and urban development industries

Recognizing, encouraging and soliciting funds for participating, interacting and implementing of the investment packages

Demonstrating Iran’s regional and international potentials and capacities in transportation, housing and urban development industries

Introduction of Iran as an ideal region for investment

The 2nd Europe-Iran Forum
24-Sep-2015 to 25-Sep-2015
Grand Hotel Kempinski, Geneva, Switzerland

In October 2014, the 1st Europe-Iran Forum became the first major international business conference dedicated to Iran's private sector commercial opportunities.

Building on the success of the first event, BHB Emissary and its partners are proud to host the 2nd Europe-Iran Forum on September 24-25, 2015.

The program of the 2nd Europe-Iran Forum includes a special focus on the challenges of finance and investment. Companies across sectors, whether international firms eyeing opportunities in Iran, or Iranian firms gearing-up for a new phase of growth, will need to employ intelligent practices to manage the commercial, legal, and reputational risks of business development in Iran.

Iran and EU Conference
23-Jul-2015 to 24-Jul-2015
Vienna, Austria

A group of Iranian and European private and public organizations have joined forces to organize an international conference on post-sanctions Iran-EU cooperation. This gathering provides businesses, investors and entrepreneurs with a unique chance to gain insights, analyze, and explore opportunities, as well as network with high level authorities, policy makers and other stakeholders.

The Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade of Iran has been confirmed as the leader for the Iranian delegation. He will be accompanied the prominent dignitaries from the economic, financial, banking and foreign investment sectors as well as oil, gas, petrochemicals, industry, mines, automotive and other industries.

A number of high level figures and executives from Austria, France, the UK, Germany and other countries will participate in the event.

The Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, Iran’s Trade Promotion Organization, the German-Iranian Chamber of Commerce, the French- Iranian Chamber of Commerce, and the British Iranian Chamber of Commerce are involved and support this event.

The Ravand Institute for Economic and International Studies, a private think tank, is co-organizing the event with IICIC and ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA along with the support of the above organizations.

Iran Mines and Mining Industries Summit 2015
31-May-2015 to 01-Jun-2015

IMIS 2015 as Iran's first Mines and Mining Industries Summit at International level, with support of Government, Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade, IMIDRO, officials, experts and companies, welcome all national and international investors, mining companies, mining machinery companies, consulting companies, technical and engineering companies, contractors, banks and financial institutions to take a part actively at this event to discover the latest investment opportunities in Iran's mines and mining industries on one hand and to present the latest relevant technologies, management skills and know how on the other hand.

Referring to Iran's mines and mining Industrial potentials, Iran possesses 68 different kinds of minerals. Its proven Iron Ore reserves reach to amount of 2.7 billion tons (0.8% total global reserves) and proven Copper Ore reserves reach to amount of 2.6 billion tons which account of 4% of global reserves. Iran also possesses 11 million tons of Zinc (4% of global reserves). The total proven reserves estimated to 6 billion tones, which together with unexplored 300 000 sq.km2 lands, may reach to more than 10 billion tons. The mines and mining industry have a 25% market share in the Tehran Stock Exchange with a total value of approximately US$30 billion.

Iran Oil Show 2015
06-May-2015 to 09-May-2015

Every year, Iran hosts an international Oil Show in different oil, gas, refining and petrochemical sectors. It is among the most significant oil and gas events in the world in terms of the number of participants and its diversity. The presence of famous foreign companies as well as domestic producers and industrialists provide a good chance for mutual cooperation in view of signature of contracts.

Fields of activities will include (but are not restricted to):
- Research and Development.
- Innovation and New Projects.
- Production. - Related Products.
- Transportation - IT Technology.
- Technical and Engineering Services
- Exploration.
- Production of Machinery, Equipment, Instruments and Accessories.
- Chemical Products.
- Steel and other Metals Production.
- Welding Equipment.
- Power Generation

As well as the above the following industries will be presented at the show:

consultant engineer groups, spare parts constructors, technical and commercial service provider companies, oil products producers, processing equipment producers, fuel consumption efficiency companies and research and training sector, general contractors, companies active in information technology fields.

2nd South Caspian Petroleum & Energy 2015 Summit
14-Apr-2015 to 16-Apr-2015

2nd South Caspian Region Petroleum & Energy 2015 Summit is focusing on all aspects of energy production and energy efficiency, including:

- oil and gas exploration
- geology
- export markets
- production increase strategy
- investment in the latest infrastructure projects
- modernisation of existing refineries and how to work within the legal framework

This year we will also examine South Caspian's vital role for Europe’s energy security, refinery investment and updates on the petrochemicals industry.

IFN Forum 2014
10-Jun-2014 to 10-Jun-2014

The IFN Iran Forum will be a breakthrough event for the industry, as opportunities abound in the world’s largest Islamic banking industry by assets. The Iranian Islamic banking system, which is said to be 100% Shariah compliant, poses great potential in terms of creating traction on a global scale. Opportunities in the oil and gas and infrastructure sector are also attractive to foreign investors and issuers seeking new markets to enter.

The Iranian capital market has also gradually begun to open up to Shariah compliant funds, including ETFs, and instruments to allow for liquidity management and the flow of funds within the interbank money market. Support from the government and its regulators are crucial at this juncture, to allow for growth within the Iranian Islamic banking system.

Iran, Economic Sanctions and What’s Next
28-May-2014 to 28-May-2014
Al Murooj Rotana Dubai

The recent suspension of certain sanctions against Iran and the expectation of subsequent suspensions is opening discussion about the current market situation in Iran and its future opportunities.

Companies around the world are eager to find out what the temporary relaxation of sanctions, in addition to the future expected lifting of sanctions, could mean for accessing the Iranian market. Join ‘Iran – Economic Sanctions and What’s Next?’, the leading Seminar offering breakout sessions by industry sector, to ensure you meet experts in the field and the people most relevant to you who will help you to identify and bridge opportunities for your business in a post sanction Iranian economy.

This is the only event in the UAE that will provide you with to-date market intelligence on topics such as:

The Political, Legal and Macro Economic Outlook
Overview of Economic Sanctions; Sectors and Industries Affected by Recent Relaxation of Sanctions
Opportunities and Challenges for Businesses
Identifying a Market Entry Strategy – Geographical and Regulatory Framework for Setting up your Business
Practical and Cultural Considerations of Doing Business in Iran

- See more at: http://www.innoverto.com/register/iwn/

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